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Science Office for Mission Assessments - SOMA

PI Masters Forum 10

Principal Investigator Team Masters Forum 10

The Science Mission Directorate (SMD) and SOMA will conduct its tenth Principal Investigator (PI) Team Masters Forum on October 7, 2020.

This PI Team knowledge-sharing event is being held following the major science mission announcement of opportunity (AO) Phase A selections as established by SMD Policy Directive 13B (SPD-13B). The purpose of this Forum is to enable engagement, sharing, and learning from colleagues in relevant science missions through their stories, shared experiences, and lessons learned as a means to enhance the probability of executing a mission successfully.

PI Masters Forum #10 - Agenda
October 7, 2020
Session TitleTimeSpeakers/Panelists
SOMA Lessons Learned

Dr. Chauncey Wu, Acquisition Manager, SOMA, NASA LaRC
HQ PE Roles

Mr. Willis Jenkins, Senior Explorers Program Executive, HPD, NASA HQ
Writing L1/L2 Requirements

Dr. Jared Leisner, GDC Program Scientist, NASA HQ
PI Lessons Learned

Dr. Thomas Immel, ICON Principal Investigator, UC Berkeley