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LaRC SOMA SALMON-3 Questions and Answers

SALMON-3 AO Questions & Answers

NASA SCIENCE MISSION DIRECTORATE ACQUISITION COMMUNICATION POLICY: Proposers are advised that only the SALMON-3 Announcement of Opportunity (AO), the applicable Program Element Appendix (PEA), these SALMON-3 Questions and Answers (Q&As), the applicable PEA Q&As, any formal SALMON-3 related communications documented by the NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Deputy Associate Administrator for Research (DAAR) and any formal SALMON-3 or PEA related communications with the applicable PEA Program Scientist (PS) are maintained and considered as binding during the Evaluation, Categorization and Selection processes associated with a SALMON-3 PEA solicitation. Verbal, or other, unofficial communications with NASA, or other, personnel are non-binding and should not be considered as advice, guidelines, requirements, commitments or agreements for the purposes of the solicitation. By far, one of the most important NASA SMD activities is the solicitation and selection of research investigations for NASA funding. Proposers and proposing colleagues should ensure that critical decisions are not based on erroneous, pre-selection hearsay information by asking for clarification through these SALMON-3 Q&As or the applicable PEA Q&As and requesting that the NASA SMD DAAR or the applicable PEA PS document any proposal-specific communications with NASA officials.
Q1 : Will NASA release a document that lists all of the changes from the SALMON-2 AO?
A1 : No, the Foreword of the SALMON-3 AO states “Proposers should be aware that there are major changes in this SALMON-3 AO from the SALMON-2 AO (NNH12ZDA006O) that was released on February 7, 2012. This AO incorporates policy, guidelines, requirements, and constraints updates in addition to clarifications and other changes relative to the SALMON-2 AO. All proposers must read this AO carefully, and all proposals must comply with the requirements, constraints, and guidelines contained within this AO.” NASA strongly encourage potential proposers to read the entire SALMON-3 AO carefully.
Q2 : Will proposers be permitted to include a cost model appendix that would contain the information on the cost model(s) used to validate the proposed cost and the specifics regarding how the models were used?
A2 : This may be a PEA-specific option.
Q3 : Were can proposers find information on how the TMC Evaluation Panel uses the cost threat matrix?
A3 : This level of detail is included in the SALMON-3 Evaluation Plan that can be found in the SALMON-3 Acquisition Homepage and the PEA-specific Evaluation Plan that can be found in the PEA-specific Acquisition Homepage.
Q4 : Section 7.1.1 of the SALMON-3 AO states "PEA-specific Proposal Evaluation Plans will generally be posted on the PEA-specific Acquisition Homepage upon the release of the final version of the PEA ." Is there are reason why the PEA-specific Proposal Evaluation Plans will “generally” be posted instead of “always”?
A4 : The SALMON-3 AO is intended to be used for multiple Directorates and not all PEAs will have an Acquisition Homepage.