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Science Office for Mission Assessments - SOMA

Science Office for Mission Assessments - SOMA

LaRC SOMA SALMON-3 Teaming Interest

Third Stand ALone Mission of Opportunity Notice(SALMON-3)


The following list of organizations have expressed an interest in teaming with other organizations on SALMON-3 proposals. This is not a list of organizations who are capable of teaming but is simply a list of those organizations that have asked to be included in this list. Proposing organizations are not required to team with any organization on this list.
NASA does not endorse any of these organizations and does not accept responsibility for their capabilities or actions. To include your Name and Organization on the teaming interes list for SALMON-3, Click Here.



  • Astrobotic Technology, Inc.
    2515 Liberty Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    POC: Fraser Kitchell
    Areas of Expertise: software, precision landing, navigation, sensor development, environmental testing and qual, flight testing, robotics, autonomy, spacecraft and rover design
  • Brandywine Photonics LLC
    748 Springdale Dr., Suite 125
    Exton, PA 19341
    POC: John Fisher
    Areas of Expertise: Atmospheric Payloads
  • Spire Global, Inc
    575 Florida Street
    San Francisco, San Francisco 94110-7421
    Phone: 2403618179
    POC: Keith E Johnson
    Areas of Expertise: Data collection from LEO satellites
  • First Mode
    2220 Western Ave
    Seattle, WA 98121
    Phone: 5102957401
    POC: Tristan Helms
    Areas of Expertise: First Mode provides engineering services for various civil and commercial space missions. The team has experience with systems engineering, mission architecture, engineering and design,configuration, integration, V&V, and flight qualification of hardware.
    First Mode is currently supporting the M2020, Europa Clipper and Psyche missions.
  • Made In Space, Inc.
    8226 Philips Hwy.
    Suite 102
    Jacksonville, FL 32256
    POC: Justin Kugler
    Areas of Expertise: Small satellite mission architectures enabled by in-space manufacturing and robotic assembly of large arrays and apertures.
  • MEI Technologies, Inc.
    18050 Saturn Lane
    Suite 300
    Houston, TX 77058
    Phone: 17034246926
    POC: Laurence "Andrew" Dobrot
    Areas of Expertise: Comprehensive spaceflight payload integration, proven satellite bus and support platforms with almost 30 years flying NASA and DoD scientific experiment payloads. Guidance and engineering support to Principal Investigators throughout the development, launch and on-orbit operations process. We are interested in being a mission partner for PIs that want an instrument operated in space.
  • GeoOptics, Inc.
    201 N. Orange Grove Blvd.
    Suite 503
    Pasadena, CA 91103
    Phone: 713.296.0293
    POC: Thomas Yunck
    Areas of Expertise: Space-based Earth remote sensing data for government, commercial and research purposes. Radio and radar remote sensing of Earth; GNSS radio occultation; development of instrument, mission concept and small satellites. Looking to collaborate with PIs for a radar altimeter/scatterometer design, with application to ocean topography and surface winds; snow and ice cover; soil moisture; land topography