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Agency-Wide Documents

  1. NASA 2020-2024 Science Plan, Science 2020-2024: A Vision for Scientific Excellence, Year 2021-2022 Update
  2. NASA Plan for Increasing Access to the Results of Scientific Research
  3. NASA Policy Directives (NPD)
    1. NPD 1001.0D, NASA 2022 Strategic Plan
    2. NID 7120.32, Collision Avoidance for Space Environment Protection
    3. NPD 1360.2B, Initiation and Development of International Cooperation in Space and Aeronautics Programs
    4. NPD 2521.1B, Communications and Material Review
    5. NPD 8074.1, Management and Utilization of NASA's Space Communication and Navigation Infrastructure
    6. NPD 8610.7D, NASA Launch Services Risk Mitigation Policy for NASA-Owned and/or NASA-Sponsored Payloads/Missions
    7. NPD 8610.23C, Launch Vehicle Technical Oversight Policy
  4. NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR)
    1. NPR 2810.1F, Security of Information Technology
    2. NPR 7120.5F, NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements
    3. NPR 7123.1C, NASA Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements
    4. NPR 7150.2D, NASA Software Engineering Requirements
    5. NPR 8000.4C, NASA Risk Management Procedural Requirements
    6. NPR 8705.4A, Risk Classification for NASA Payloads
    7. NPR 8715.6B, NASA Procedural Requirements for Limiting Orbital Debris
    8. NPR 9501.2E, NASA Contractor Financial Management Reporting (Updated with Change 4)
    9. NPR 1600.1A, NASA Security Program Procedural Requirements
    10. NPR 2200.2E, Requirements for Documentation, Approval and Dissemination of Scientific and Technical Information
    11. NPR 7120.8A, NASA Research and Technology Program and Project Management Requirements
    12. NPR 8715.3D, NASA General Safety Program Requirements
    13. NPR 8715.6B, NASA Procedural Requirements for Limiting Orbital Debris and Evaluating the Meteoroid and Orbital Debris Environments
  5. NASA Standards
    1. NASA-STD-8719.14C, NASA Process for Limiting Orbital Debris
    2. NASA-STD-1006A, Space Systems Protection Standard
    3. NASA-STD-8739.8B,Software Assurance and Software Safety Standard
  6. NASA Handbooks
    1. NASA Systems Engineering Handbook, NASA Special Publication (SP) 2016-6105 Rev. 2
    2. NASA WBS Handbook, NASA/SP-20210023927
    3. NASA/SP OCE-51, NASA Spacecraft Conjunction Assessment and Collision Avoidance Best Practices Handbook
    4. MRPP.CPS.20201216, NASA Mission Resilience and Protection Program Candidate Protection Strategies
  7. NASA's Mission Operations and Communications Services
    1. S-Band Overview
    2. Available Spectrum and Channel Limits by Allocated Service
    3. Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Mission Operations and Communications Services (MOCS)
    4. Near Space Network Users's Guide, 457-GUIDE-001 Baseline
  8. NASA Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (FY 2022-2026)

Program Specific Documents

  1. Strategic documents
    1. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
      1. Solar and Space Physics: A Science for a Technological Society [2013]
      2. Progress Toward Implementation of the 2013 Decadal Survey for Solar and Space Physics: A Midterm Assessment [2020]
  2. Science Mission Directorate documents
    1. SMD Policy Document (SPD)-31, Student Collaboration
    2. SMD Mission Extension Paradigm
    3. SPD-41a, Scientific Information Policy
    4. Heliophysics Division Science Data Management Policy
    5. SPD-26B, Policy and Requirements for SMD Communications for Flight Missions
    6. SPD-29, Policy and Requirements for SMD External Websites
    7. SPD-33, Citizen Science
    8. Frequently Asked Questions for Protecting SMD Spaceborne Assets (removed 5/19/2023)
    9. CUI Portion Marking Sample
    10. SPD-01A, SMD Policy on Handling Conflicts-of-Interest for Peer Reviews
  3. Solar Terrestrial Probes (STP) documents
    1. Solar Terrestrial Probes Program Plan Rev C
    2. Science Mission Directorate Policy: SMD Standard Mission Assurance Requirements For Payload Classification D, SMD Policy Document SPD-39, April, 2021
  4. Access to Space documents
    1. SMD policy document SPD-32 - ESPA Secondary Payloads Rideshare
    2. LSP-REQ-317.01 Rev B, Launch Services Program, Program Level Dispenser and CubeSat Requirements Document
  5. Contract Document Examples and Templates
    1. Model Contract Draft Phases B-F, For Profit
    2. Model Contract Draft Phases B-F, Non Profit
    3. Budget Summary Exhibit A
  6. Geospace Dynamics Constellation (GDC) documents
    1. Science Planning Resources
      1. Synthetic upper atmosphere simulations (with accompanying documentation)
      2. GDC Design Reference Mission (ephemeris files and accompanying documentation)
    2. GDC Measurement Capabilities
  7. Auroral Imager Accommodation Parameters and Measurement Capabilities

AO References

  1. TRL 6 Documents
    1. TRL 6 Example
    2. An Example of Demonstrating Systems Level TRL
    3. Assessment of TRL in AO-Based Evaluations and Common Causes of Major TRL Weaknesses
  2. Budgeting information
    1. NASA 2022 New Start Inflation Index for FY 2023 Use
    2. Managerial Cost Accounting Concepts and Standards for the Federal Government
    3. Microsoft Excel Versions of the Template Tables in the AO (updated 5/19/2023)
      • Table B1: Example Science Traceability Matrix
      • Table B2: Example Mission Traceability Matrix
      • Table B3a: Total Mission Cost RY$ Profile Template (Step 2 only)
      • Table B3b: Total Mission Cost FY$ Profile Template
      • Table B4: Master Equipment List
  3. Science Team Rules of the Road Examples
    1. Rules of the Road OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission
    2. Psyche Team Guidelines
  4. Science data management
    1. Project Data Management Plan template
    2. Calibration and Measurement Algorithm Document template
    3. Calibration and Measurement Algorithm Document Example
      1. Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)/EUV Variability Experiment (EVE) Calibration and Measurement Algorithms Document (CMAD)
  5. Access to space documents
    1. DYNAMIC System Interface Specifications (SIS) document
    2. Access to space Accommodations Worksheet Template
    3. Launch Services Program Information Summary (LPSIS) document
  6. Step 2
    1. Criteria and Requirements for the Phase A Concept Study Report

External Resources

  1. Citizen Science resources
    1. NASA Citizen Science Leaders Series