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Science Office for Mission Assessments - SOMA

Science Office for Mission Assessments - SOMA

PI Masters Forums

Principal Investigator Team Masters Forums

The purpose of these Forums is to enable engagement, sharing, and learning from colleagues in relevant science missions through stories, shared experiences, and lessons learned as a means to enhance the probability of executing a mission successfully.

These Forums reflect the importance that NASA places on providing a context for knowledge that can contribute to a successful mission.

Among the many benefits of participation, it is meant to help gain an understanding of program/project management, systems engineering, and science mission design best practices and lessons learned; to cultivate reflective practitioners within the team; and to help solidify cross-organizational relationships in support of the project.

In addition to thought-provoking presentations and dynamic group discussions, the Forum offers the chance to build relationships with peers and meet face-to-face with key leaders in this community. Former Forum participants have stated that the opportunity to network with colleagues from across NASA, other government agencies, universities, and private industry is one of the Forum's most valuable features.

The hope is that these Forums will provide an enhanced perspective and be useful in helping to conduct studies, investigations, and missions.